The Sweet Dood

UFL #4

Ultimate Fave Lexicon, Johanne Ste-Marie.

The Ultimate Fave Lexicon catalogues a person’s 3 ultimate favorite things, and are applied like primary colors in a color wheel to create a schematic consisting of Secondary Fave combos, and an accumulative “Voltron Fave.” This project also acts as a small time capsule for a certain time and place in a person’s life. It often showcases eccentricities and particular tastes. It’s intriguing to see people’s faves, and to absorb someone’s distinct personality through this visual shorthand. These emblems will build a “Language of Ultimate Faves” and hopefully inner-connections between people.

A work in progress from the Ultimate Faves Lexicon for Johanne Ste-Marie of Fluorescent Hill. Her Voltron fave has been redacted due to controversy and is under revision. Her ultimates are Dill Pickle Chips, The Beastie Boys, and Conan O'Brien. Which resulted in the secondary faves Conan O'Brien as a member of House of Pain, Conan as a California Raisin, and A Musical Craft Pickle inspired by Amy Sedaris.