The Sweet Dood


OK Google. Directed by Brett Gaylor and Darren Pasemko. Client: The National Filmboard of Canada.

Octo. Directed by Dan Marks. Animation Direction by The Sweet Dood and James Braithwaite.

Motor City Slice Montage. Animation Direction by Darren Pasemko. Client: Major League Baseball.

The Open Hearted Doorman. Directed by Darren Pasemko. Client: The New York Times.

grüv Banner Animation. Animation by The Sweet Dood. Client: grüv

New Works, The Sweet Dood 2017 Demo Reel. Credit list and breakdown on Vimeo.

Encryption Advocacy Campaign. Animation by The Sweet Dood. Client: Mozilla

Jason Sturgill Animation Tests. Animation by The Sweet Dood. Illustration by Jason Sturgill.

Sole Man, Animation Montage. Directed by Dan Marks and Jon Weinbach. Animation by Darren Pasemko and James Braithwaite. Client: ESPN

Nike React Compilation. Illustration by The Sweet Dood. Animation by Brain Kinkley. Director’s Cut by The Sweet Dood.

Motion Graphic Reel. From The Sweet Dood. Music by Monroeville Music Center.

Mozilla European Fair-use Copyright Video. Animation by The Sweet Dood. Creative Director: Brett Gaylor. Client: Mozilla

Pose with a Rose. By The Sweet Dood. Starring Meg Metz, Vanessa Boer, and Darren Pasemko.

The Sweet Dood does some hard pondering in Episode 2 of Ponderings by The Sweet Dood.

Destination DIY Campaign. By The Sweet Dood. Client: Julie Sabatier

Stackers. Co-Directed with Fluorescent Hill. Client: Burger King

2013 Demo Reel.

As Tall as the Calgary Tower for Woodpigeon. By The Sweet Dood. Client: Boompa Records.

Plops. By The Sweet Dood. Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Atanasoff, The Father of the Computer. Animation Directors: Kent Hugo and The Sweet Dood. Client: Eyesteelfilms.

Challengers for The New Pornographers. By The Sweet Dood. Produced by Jannie Mcinnes. Client: Matador Records.

Black Hand for Cadence Weapon. Co-directed with Fluorescent Hill. Client: Upper Class Recordings.

"Jingle Bell Rocks!" Montage. Animation Directors: Fred Casia and The Sweet Dood. Client: Eyesteelfilms

“Jingle Bell Rocks!" Titles. By The Sweet Dood. Client: Eyesteelfilms.

The Ultimate Faves Lexicon. An Art Project. By The Sweet Dood.

"Rooted Lives" Sequence. Directed by Erika Drushka. Animation Director: The Sweet Dood. Client: Erika Drushka