The Sweet Dood

projects & pitches

DOG HEAD (In Progress). An alien lifeform, the Dog Head, is birthed from a surreal fungi in the forest and is found struggling to comprehend Earth. Jim Henson + the Sasquatch Myth + "Wendy and Lucy."

SQUISH BRAIN (In Progress). A prototypical meta graphic novel endeavor...a graphic novel about a graphic novel, about a musician who's at odds with his infantile elderly "Pug Father."  

RADGICALS (Archived). Development to produce an animated series in collaboration with the children's author Dallas Clayton, and in partnership with the illustrator and artist James Braithwaite, aka The Bathwater.

ALBUM LEAF, "There is a Wind." (Archived). Music video pitch. More on Behance.                                                      NIKE/RESFEST FILM (Archived). Pitch to make an Anniversary film for the Air Force One. More on Behance.

THE UNICORNS, "Tuff Ghost." (Archived). Music video pitch. More on Behance.

WIRETAP (Archive). An animation test to adapt the CBC Radio show Wiretap hosted by Jonathan Goldstein.